Monday, 1 September 2014

How well do you know the Woodland Friends? - Contest Winner!

We had some really genuinely cracking entries for this contest, I thoroughly enjoyed reading every one of them, and found it so hard to pick a winner! Everyone who entered clearly put so much time, effort, thought and love into their stories.
However, there can only be one winner (well, two, Over 11's and Under 11's... but in this post you're going to see the Over 11's).
I picked this story because of the humorous and clever use of the characters combined with real life, I thought it worked really well.
So congratulations, Danielle Lake-Langley, and here's the story in all it's unedited (and sweary) glory...

It was a Tuesday in the forest. The woodland friends had gathered together for a spot of lunch. Bird sang happily in the tree and a great feeling of love was in the air as they played in the dappled sunlight without a care in the world. It was time to see what goodies were for lunch. Bunny found a lovely big cream cake and was just about to take a generous bite when...

...there was a loud thunk behind him. "Shit!" Bunny turned around, he had never heard anything make that noise before. There sat on the grass was, well, he wasn't sure what it was. It was big but it had small ears and it was dressed a bit funny too. The big thing was wearing black trousers but looked like its white waistcoat was on over the top of its jacket, you could only see the black jacket sleeves. "Shit! Shit! Fuck!" it continued.

 Bunny looked at Bird, he was sat in the tree with his beak wide open in shock. It looked like Bunny would be investigating this alone. Bunny took a large bite of his cake (For courage.) then stowed it away for later. As he hopped over to the thing that made the funny noise it started to cry. "Excuse me, erm what are you?"

The big thing was sat with its eyes shut, "I'm Louise.", it said as it wiped its eyes on the back of its paw. Bunny thought for a moment, "We've never had a Louise here before. How did you get here?"

The Louise began to explain," I was in my studio paper cutting as usual when I heard the ice cream van, it was really hot and I do love Mr Whippy. Any way Mr Panda wasn't around and I couldn't send Munch, he's no good with change and he'd eat it all before he got back..." Bunny was listening intently, he had no idea who Mr Whippy was but if the Louise loved him who was Mr Panda? And what on earth was a Munch?

"So I decided to be brave and I went to get one myself." The Louise continued. "Well on my way to the van I tripped over and fell through the hedge, now I'm here. With my paper cuts. I've turned into a Panda. I've finally gone mad!"

Bunny smiled, "Oh we're all mad h..." Bunny stopped, the Louise was glaring at him. "No Bunny! Don't say that, to be honest this whole thing is looking more and more like a massive copyright issue."

Louise looked at Bunny and sighed, Bunny shifted uncomfortably on his little fluffy tail. He didn't know what the Louise was talking about. "I don't like being outside." mumbled the Louise. Bunny wiggled his nose, he wasn't sure what to say next. They sat in silence for a while, "I like cake." Bunny announced, then he hopped over to a small bush and began to rummage in it. A moment later he produced a cake and hopped back to the Louise, holding out the cake very carefully he asked, "Would you like some?". The Louise had a nibble and so did Bunny.

Bunny sat and had a think, he looked from the Louise to his cake and the cake to the hedge. "Curiouser and curi..." Bunny was being glared at again, "Oh alright, I was just thinking if you came in through that hedge over there, you could try going back through it to get home to Mr Whippy."

The Louise smiled fondly at Bunny, then got up and walked towards the hedge, before she went through Bunny asked, "What's your name?" The Louise smiled, "I'm the mistress of copyright, the conqueror of internet trolls and the worlds' number one Mr Whippy fan. My name is Paper Panda."

And just like that the Louise vanished. Bunny never saw the Louise again but every so often strange cakes would appear in front of the hedge, the top was white and went drippy if you left it too long, it had a brown stick in it. Bunny called them "Num-nums" because they were so delicious that was the noise you made when you ate them.

THE END...Or is it?

Story written by Danielle Lake-Langley, who is a little bit useless but can make a pretty cake when she's brave enough to leave the bedroom.

Influenced massively by real life Paper Panda, Louise Firchau and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (1865). Seriously kids, copyright theft is not cool.

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  1. Love love love it :-) well done and congratulations xx