Sunday, 22 June 2014

And the winner is...


On Tuesday we popped a giveaway up to win this here 'Mummy' papercut, made with my own Panda paws.
Reading through the nominations was lovely. They all showed how amazing each of your mums are. It was almost impossible to choose! 
The winner is...*drumroll please* 
 Carmel Clark. Nominated by Yvonne Jackson.
 'I would give this to my friend Carmel Clark. She is having a rough time at the moment. She has 3 children her son the eldest of which has Autism and Epilepsy and she has just received the news that he may not start school in September as planned, her daughters also have health problems, she has been working her socks off to make her children a sensory wall and never stops to take time out for herself (she's poorly at the moment and instead of resting as she has been told to do, she is still making stuff for the children). On top of all this her brother died 6 months ago suddenly following an Epileptic fit.She doesn't know what a lovely wonderful Mummy she is and I think something like this would help remind her that she is a Lovely Mummy to her 3 children x' 
Congratulations Carmel. *applause*

Please drop us an email to  
A HUGE thank you to all of you that entered and a massive cheer for all the brilliant mummies out there. If you didn't win this time, why not pop over and check out the Mum heart template to make an extra special papercut for your mum/nan/friend. :)


  1. Lovely, a deserved winner in my eyes! Enjoy the lovely piece of art!

  2. aw bless her, and congratulations!!! well deserved winner