Thursday, 26 June 2014

A Free Wee Free Man...Gah that's a lot of E's

This here is an offcut - I say an offcut but he's a dinky little piece of paper perfection. He was part of the original Tiffany Aching official Discworld papercut that is now part of a series of prints that have been hand signed by Sir Terry Pratchett himself on each mount. (eeeeek!)

Rather than roll over him with my chair or chuck him in the recycling bin I have mounted the lil guy over a print that depicts part of the story that fades out towards 'his corner' so as not to detract from the superb shadow that he casts under the light. He now lives inside a black wood handmade frame and the Discworld official hologram and the Paper Panda engraved tag are on the reverse of the frame. The mount is signed by me, not PTerry, but we can't have everything.

Earlier in the week you had the opportunity to own this 'offcut'. ;) 
If you purchased a Paper Panda papercut Pratchett print from the official Discworld site (all the P's!). Well one lucky person has done just that!

Congratulations to...

Angela Peacock 

He is on his way to you m'dear. Enjoy!

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  1. Well done Angela Peacock you lucky lil thing :) this wee free man looks brilliant and I cant wait for my wonderful Rinsewind to arrive xXx