Saturday, 18 November 2017

Tiny Unicorn Challenge

Remember years ago we did the tiny mouse challenge when I cut a mouse the size of the number 1 on a penny? about we do it again? Unicorns are super popular at the moment so I figured we'd go with a unicorn.
So, the object of the challenge is to make a recognisable unicorn as tiny as you can in your usual medium. Anything from wood to silver, sketches to buttons, it just has to be as small as you can make it!
Upload your final piece into the comments section on this Facebook post and use the hashtag #paperpandatinyunicornchallenge and I reckon squillions of people will rush to buy them because everyone loves a tiny unicorn eh?
There will be a winner that'll win something. Mainly for fun, exposure and Christmas gift ideas for unicorn lovers 🙂
I'll keep this running until December 15th 
Have fun!
Lou xx

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