Friday, 8 September 2017

What a way to wake up!

What a way to wake up! Well, I'd rather have tea and toast but this morning we had a big scary bailiff at the door who wanted £480 for a parking ticket collected in London last year. He either wanted the cash or the car (cue panicking).
Problem. We rarely leave the house. We've never driven to London. Of coooourse he wouldn't believe that, everyone must say it I guess, but in our case it was true!
He seemed legit, checked his papers, his ID, looked him up on the internet, all okay even though it was screaming SCAM at me, and all the time I could see curtains twitching. How embarrassing! Especially as I'm wearing my Pokémon pyjamas 
So, we paid him. What else can you do? Hell, we don't have to eat anyway!
After lengthy phone calls and trying to sound like a grown up we've just found out the parking warden keyed in the wrong number plate.
Oh and the money? It'll take ages to come back to us.
If you were that parking warden I absolutely demand a full vegetarian English breakfast immediately!! 
Picture because we also need an elephant playing a ukulele in addition to a good rant.

(Stressed) Panda xx

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