Friday, 17 June 2016

NEW, NEW, and even more NEW!

So over the last few weeks we have had a fair few new product launches! New cards, new mirrors, new sketches, new original cuts. On top of these we have added some new amazing Guest Artists, our shop has never been so full of gorgeousness! We also have more new products waiting in the wings! Eep! Excited much!!

I think the Comfort Zones card is one of my favourites!

If you could pick one product you would like us to Panda-ize and to put in our shop, what would it be? You never know what the future holds!!

In other news, my mind is on a rampage haha lately I have mostly been pondering the following:

I want to do a live video but I fear that I will not look cute and kooky but rather like a bumbling sweary idiot. In a pinny. And my cat will pee on the camera, or constantly walk in front of it.
Why is a wireless mouse still called a mouse? It hasn't got a tail. It should be a mole or something.
What if fish really really want to blink and they can't? Poor fish.
I've gotten away with having both soft pillows now for two nights running. I wonder if I'll get away with it again tonight?
Cashmere slippers that are advertised as 'one size fits all' are big fat hairy liars.
It's always a good idea to pay £6.50 for next day delivery for a new bra. I didn't realise I'd been holding my breath for two months.
Why is the word 'abbreviate' so long and why hasn't ginger beer got any beer in it?

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