Friday, 3 June 2016

Looking for the positives!

I have had a bit of a poo few days, y'know those where pretty much everything is a bit wonky so looking for the positives...
There are now massive crumpets. Yeh, there's also crumpets thins, but nothing compares to a huge crumpet covered in real butter. You can even cheat and have two which really equates to four and then you can say "but I only had two crumpets" (we'll ignore that they're the size of a Frisbee).
I woke up from a dream that was a pretty bad one but when I woke up there were cats all over the bed. This is brilliant. Cats are great.
My boiler is broken. This on the whole sucks because even though it's June it's pretty cold but on the plus side the shower in the annex works so if I run fast enough through the garden I can get clean, even if it's at the expense of the neighbours seeing me naked.
It's June. It's cold. BUT you can still wear flip flops. No wasting vital seconds tying up shoelaces for me! Win.
I feel poorly...but not as poorly as yesterday thanks to the power of steroids. Sure, I have a face that can be mistaken for a frying pan, but hey, I feel better.
Because cake. Cake makes everything better. I even have a cake in the shape of a hedgehog and not many can say that, eh?
Elasticated trousers. How have I only just found the joys of pants that are comfortable? And if you wear a long top then nobody even knows! You can safely eaten aforementioned cake and your trews expand on command. Brilliant.

I've got up today and the plumbers are late so it's showering in the garden for me again, I've gone over my overdraft limit and the brakes on the car just failed and can't be fixed until next week so my dream of seeing the new Alice movie has been dashed.
So...positive time...I've food in the cupboard, I have a lovely family (that gladly survived the brakes failing earlier) and I may treat myself to a day off tomorrow!

Positives for you? This gorgeous new template
- and it's a fiver today as an intro price. (usual price a tenner) Hope you like it xx

It's the little things...

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