Friday, 25 March 2016

Easter has arrived, wow this year is going fast it will soon be christmas! Ha only kidding! But Easter is an eggciting time! All that chocolate nom nom nom...

So I had a bit of a ramble of my thoughts over on the PP page haha I'm certain you all think I am mad! But here it is :P Coke would be green if there wasn't any food colouring added. Why oh why would they choose to make it brown? Brown! The most uggh of colours. "I know, let's make it the shade of Mike's poo. That'll go down really well." No.
Can you see your own tongue? I can.
Do aliens exist? I really really really really did see a low flying spaceship when I was a teenager about 30 feet over me. It was the size of a stadium and took a good 10 minutes to fly out of sight. Why, then, does the person that what standing next to me not remember it? Am I just batcrap crazy? Actually, don't answer that.
"What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor?" has to be the most irresponsible song every invented.
What if the trees and plants outside consist entirely of stick insects that are just really good at doing their job?

Right I have an exclusive bit of news here! Look out tomorrow there is some eggstremely eggciting news! In fact there will be two big reveals :D Eek!

In the meantime here is a re-share of our 'All You Need Is Love' template! This is a freebie template and can be used for personal or commercial use! If you do use this for commercial use the only term for this is that a small donation is made to the Blue Cross animal charity please.

Have a wonderful Easter chucky eggs!! :D

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