Friday, 3 July 2015

Hot, hot.... and boy, it's hot!

Well, what is there to say this week? It has been a rare week for us Brits! It's been practically tropical :) The weather has been absolutely glorious! But in true Brit style I've had a bit of a moan. Hehe!

But I have to say it's nice not to be cold! :) But as much as i have been enjoying the heat it hasnt been so rosy for my poor Munch! He's been super hot but you all came to the rescue with your hints and tips!

So Thanks for the cool dog tips! Bought an ice machine (never room in the freezer!) so they have ice water, a dog pool, 2 air cons on the way and 2 dog lollipops made from Chinese containers, Babybell, duck, carrots and green beans are freezing. Munch just had a bubblegum Calippo which I'm sure isn't good for him but it will have helped!

He is now chilling out in the shade with Chewy!

Also We had a HUGE 50% off templates sale! Which was super successful! But naughty Mr Facebook hid the post so I have decided to do another one on Monday 6th 7pm till 10.30pm GMT. Don't miss out, there will not be another one of these till next year!

Well today is supposed to be my day off so I am going to find the closest Mr Whippy and eat one! Ok, I might have two! Have fun everyone :)

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