Wednesday, 23 April 2014

"You Are Loved" Giveaway

"You Are Loved" is very tiny and luffly, the whole thing is only 13cm and the papercut suspended inside is teeny weeny, hand drawn and cut and a little bit marvellous BUT I maffed it up a tiny bit trying something new. You'd hardly notice but as I'm a bit of a perfectionist I can't sell it - so yesterday, I decided to give it away for FREE!

All you had to do is tell me who you give it to! 

Thank you so much everyone for joining in - we had over a thousand comments and emails telling us all about your worthy loved ones, friends and colleagues! You are clearly a very special and extremely loved bunch - I feel honoured to have heard your stories and I am virtually sending each of you and your loved ones a huge fuzzy Panda *squidge*. :)

It was pretty much impossible to choose but I would like to congratulate Christina Wise, an amazingly strong Mummy and woman, who would like to give the cut to her children Oliver and Grace. I sincerely hope it reminds you every day of how much your Daddy loves you and that he is always with you.

Christina, please email me at to arrange delivery.

Thank you again everyone! Toodle pip. xx

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