Saturday, 6 January 2018

FBH's New Year's Resolution...

"Finn, what are you doing?" asked Bunny quizzically.
"I'm keeping up my New Year's resolution! Look, I've got this banana, which is healthy, right?" 
"Yeah, fruit is good for you, you really should eat more of it and cut back on the cakes, for your health..." Bunny was still unsure if Finn really understood.
"And I've started a new exercise too! Look!"
Finn struggled with jumping and pulling his chubby body up onto... something... what was that thing that he was climbing up?
He was breathless trying to clamber up this mystery object. Bunny walked closer. 
In front of him was a large jar of 'Notella' chocolate spread with a rotund hedgehog hanging off the side, dunking slices of banana in and scooping up chocolate like chips in dip.
"Um, I don't think this is what they meant by 'eat more fruit and get some exercise'..."

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