Friday, 10 February 2017

What do I do in my spare time....?

For years I've never been able to answer the question 'What do you do with your spare time?' because I've always just been too busy working.
I seem to have recently found a hobby in embroidery. I've never made anything just for me before and it's wonderfully refreshing to just create something with no pressure to make it for someone else.
I started in January doing the #1yearofstitches project wh
ere you add at least a stitch per day to your hoop, a bit like a diary. Well I finished my 'year' in three weeks, it was so addicting! I purposely didn't look up stitches or techniques because I didn't want to feel overwhelmed or inadequate but just ploughed into it, making it up as I went along, freestyling. SO ENJOYABLE!
So now, well, it had to be a hare as my first real project, didn't it?
So if you see the midnight oil burning at Panda Barn you know there's little animals being created with a thousand tiny stitches...

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