Friday, 30 December 2016

2016 - the happy and sad.

2016 - the happy and sad.
Here's a compilation of all my tribute sketches this year.
For each sad sketch, I've also listed a good thing that happened in 2016.
Here's to 2017! 

David Bowie

Pandas are no longer considered an endangered species

Alan Rickman 

Leonardo Dicaprio finally won an Oscar

Bombings in Brussels

Andy Murray won Men's Singles at Wimbledon

Ronnie Corbett

Tim Peake completed his mission and came back safely from space


The Queen celebrated her 90th birthday

Muhammad Ali

The number of tigers in the wild has risen for the first time in a century

Orlando nightclub shootings 

Pokemon Go got me outside in the fresh air catching 'em all

Racial abuse of immigrants

Volunteers in India planted 50 million trees in one day

Roy (my kitty) passed away

After Roy's passing, God the kitten came into my life

Terrorist attack in Nice 

The Juno spacecraft reached Jupiter

Gene Wilder

Money raised from last year's Ice Bucket Challenge
brought us one step closer to a cure for ALS

Remembrance Day

Paper Panda's Guide To Papercutting was published

George Michael

Leicester City won the Premier League against 5000-1 odds

Carrie Fisher 

A solar powered plane completed its journey around the world

Richard Adams 

Team GB came second in the Olympics medal table

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