Friday, 20 February 2015

Miniature Mad!!

Phew! What a busy week!!

We kicked off the week with Tiny Tuesday, which saw you lot doing copious amounts of finger exercises in an attempt to get your hands on one and a lot of you did *Huzzah*, while all that was going on there were pancakes galore at Panda HQ, we all enjoyed home-made chocolate sauce on ours…yumm!! There was nothing tiny about them I can tell you!!

But the tiny things bug really did hit Panda HQ this week, I went all tiny things mad and created two of my recent cuts in miniature! I managed to cut ‘home’ to the size of a postage stamp! An actual stamp!

Next up, we launched a new guest artist section in our shop! And so far have a template by the lovely ‘Made by Julene’ and a lovely fine art print by DD at the Litus Gallery! But that’s not it! Oh no! We will be adding more artists shortly, so keep your eyes peeled.

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