Monday, 8 December 2014

200,000 Facebook likes, lots of new products and 1 Christmas party! Whew - What a week!

So last Sunday (November 30th) we passed 200,000 likes on our Facebook page!
To celebrate we had a pretty immense 200minute, 20% off discount offer...Which was hectic! Thank you all so much for your purchases & support!
This is a pretty momentous milestone and without wanting to sound too gushy I'd like to thank my team who've gotten me through some rough patches this year that I couldn't have survived without them, so thanks guys for keeping the page, emails and my brain running smoothly, you rock.
Thanks to Trisha at Obsidian Art for letting me have my own show (still lots left peeps!) and thank you to Search Press Art and Craft Books who have enough faith in me to convince me a bigger, better book should be written even before my little one has been made. Cool! You can pre-order the little one here!
Thank you to my likers, every one of you (except you, maybe *points at troll*) for without you this rockin' little page wouldn't exist and I'd have to go and work somewhere less exciting, maybe even outside, which would suck.
Thanks, just thanks. Love you xxx.

On the same day I popped over to Obsidian Art Gallery for a meet & greet for the Winter Wonders and Friends exhibition.

Here's the super lovely and talented Kim Anderson Artist & Illustrator and Marnie makes, and a gurning Panda.
Thank you to everyone who came along and said hello, you're all awesome beyond words, and I couldn't do this without you! Obviously I couldn't go over the gallery without taking a few extra originals now, could I? Do pop over and check if you get the chance!

This week also saw
the super shiny Paper Panda email newsletter for November hit your inboxes! It's well worth signing up for if you haven't already! You get all the news straight from PP HQ, offer codes, I let you know my favourite nail varnish of the month and you get snippets about the team too! In the November issue you can learn a bit about Manager Julie and her Christmas Twig. Intriguing! Sign up here!
New Products Alert!

Not only are there a whopping 7 new card designs available, there are also 2 swanky notebooks
as well.

These two gorgeous new Wonderland inspired clear stamp sets have also been added to the online shop this week.

On Saturday we had the Paper Panda Christmas Party!
The team were all gathered in Bourton on the Water for a little seasonal get together! Some of us meeting for the first time! Eeek! (minus Emily - she bailed to go her niece's third birthday party - PAH! )
Say Cheese! ;) This year we did a handmade Secret Santa for our Christmas gifts, it's been fun for all of us to try and make the 'perfect' gift for each other! I think next year we'll have to think of something a little easier though, as we said we had to try a new craft, so I couldn't make a Papercut and Our Julie thinks she has the creativity of a teaspoon, we all know that's not true though, she made an awesome gift, A guinea pig house for Vicky's little piggies, it was perfect!
It was great to see what everyone had come up with, A needle felted Roy Ragdoll cat for me from Mr P! Admin Vicky made a smashing origami mirror frame from maps for TimSam. TimSam made Emily a gorgeous fish plush..I could go on...You can see updates on the Facebook wall. ;)

All in all it has been a pretty fabulous week! P xx

A note about postage - This time of year is incredibly busy for us so things may take a day or two longer to dispatch than normal, rest assured we are working as fast and we can to get your orders out to you swiftly. It is also mega busy for Royal Mail, we rely on their service to help keep ours tip top. Obviously we cannot guarantee a parcel arrving on or by a certain date due to this. We still use the first class service and we will be posting out as normal, Monday to Friday, right up until around the 20th (if not later) of December! I would advice that your purchase your items, sooner rather than later to help minimise the chance of late delivery.

*Instant items - Gift Vouchers & Emailed templates, these will still continue to arrive in the speedy manner, as normal.
** Made to order items - Canvas prints, vinyls & decorations - the final posting date has passed for guaranteed Christmas delivery, these items can take a while to arrive, so may not get there before the big day!

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