Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Paper Panda Does Blogland

This is so very exciting to be hitting blogland with Paper Panda :D Not everyone is a fan of facebook so the Panda team figured blogging had to be done and that way I could share with everyone!

I sit in a little cottage in Stow on the Wold cutting paper all day, every day. Its a nice life!
From this comfy swivel chair overlooking the bird table in the garden. I also guide the Panda Trainees who purchased a kit and also have a facebook page and Etsy shop to keep interesting and fully stocked

You can also find more of my work available for sale at my

Just to add some detail behind the business, the nuts and bolts that help make Paper Panda it what it is :D

Handmade VS High Street?
When you buy from Paper Panda...
I sit in my converted dining room packaging up your Etsy purchases...and of course cutting a few bits and bobs too ;)
A nice man called Pete makes the prints, his first baby is going to be born soon.
Louise (2) answers a lot of your emails and handles admin. Louise is a WAHM and is a lovely lady, giving me more time to make cuts.
Geraldine is just learning the ropes and is also a WAHM. She's trying to get Twitter to work for me and also will be on email soon.
Both ladies are so lovely!
Dave lives in Wales and makes about 80 - 100 Panda frames a month by hand. He must have a few splinters by now...
Becky recieves half the money from each pendant sale as she makes the resin part of it. She's a young lass, just starting in the handmade world and is doing brilliantly. I'm glad she contacted me for a collaboration last year.
Rebecca is the silversmith of the group. She has her own page, but I'm happy to contribute to her empire by purchasing all my handmade silver bits from her.
There's a guy called John who has run a family porcelain making business for many years. He has been included in the fold recently making amazing pieces for the next PP range. I hope his Aunt gets better soon.
Gill & Alan sit at home making my little silver engraved tags for the front of my frames, each of them by hand. When I run out they really pull out all the stops to get me some more the next day.
Lucy is currently making some cards for me to sell. She's a WAHM too and is pregnant with child number 4 (nutter!).
A lady called Jenny is up in Edinburgh seeing if a laser cutter can cope with my designs. Good luck Jenny!
Even my stickers are made by a couple who work from home!

Know that if you buy from Paper Panda all these people and MANY MORE are benefitting. I ALWAYS buy handmade where possible, supporting families and small UK businesses.

Panda xx


  1. :) congratulations in your first blog... LOVE your work truly x

  2. I love paper panda just wish I could buy a real panda piece of work x art